RubiAR at the Gala of EPAE

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Rubi AR · February 01,2019

Rubi AR had the honour to be invited to join his sons in the first Gala of this year commemorating the 40 th birthday of the EPAE (Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) in Lisbon, in a tribute to its own stud, Coudelaria de Alter, founded in 1748. 

Rubi AR performed with 4 of his sons: Dourado AR ( Rubi AR X Uxepa AR by Xoupal AR), Dirupe AR ( Rubi AR X Suiça AR by Isquemico AR), Barão AR ( Rubi AR X Unitiva II by Niago AR), Baritono AR ( Rubi AR X Ohara AR by Haxir AR). Rubi AR himself was a solist at the EPAE before and during his sport career. Other progeny of Rubi AR was present in this Gala, the recommended stallion and FEI Grand Prix horse Beirão AR ( Rubi AR X Ujoia AR by Joca AR) and the beautiful broodmare Eureca AR ( Rubi AR X Xajema AR by Joca AR).



Video by Rui Pedro Godinho


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