Bariloche JGR


Bariloche JGR

Grand Prix Lusitano

Bariloche is competing Grand Prix Level under the saddle of Vasco Mira Godinho. This team is achieving amazing results national and internationally.

Champion of Champions

Multi-awarded Lusitano: Bariloche won several gold medals and become Champion of Champions of the Lusitano Breed in 2009.

Outstanding Bloodlines

Bariloche is bred by João Pedro Rodrigues, combining lines of Xaquiro and Hostil – a powerful genetic combination.

Bariloche JGR

Approved Stallion

Approved with 78.5 points as a breeding stallion – score that highlights the fabulous model and superb movement of this incredible horse.

Recommended Stallion

Bariloche is 4 stars recommended stallion at Model and Gaits by the Portuguese Lusitano Association (APSL).

Size matters

This stallion transmits to his progeny not only beauty and movement but also good dimension. Bariloche himself measures 1.70m at withers.

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Bariloche JGR

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Bariloche JGR

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Bariloche JGR

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Bariloche JGR

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Bariloche JGR


Better than tell you how fabulous offspring Bariloche produces – we would like to show you! Get to know some of Bariloche progeny in the photo gallery bellow.

  • 78.5 points

    A fabulous top score as a breeding stallion.

  • 1.70 meters

    Size at withers - Bariloche transmits good size and structure to his offspring.

  • Key features

    Movement, Flexibility & Expression are the key characteristics that Bariloche transmits to his progeny.

Team Rubi

Team Rubi is constituted by four dressage binomials of Dressage riders & Lusitano horses working to compete at international level competitions.

Some of our horses are not only top dressage athletes – they are also recommended stallions with semen available.

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