Rubi AR at TOP 50 of WBFSH

Rubi AR · February 01,2018

Rubi AR achieves the 41st place in the ranking

WBFSH - the only international federation of studbooks for sport horses in the world – in partnership with FEI, organizes the World Breeding Championships for Sport Horses (WBCSH) in dressage, jumping and eventing since 1992. They published recently the progeny list of the best 50 stallions in the world based on the validated FEI scores attributed to their progeny between 1 of October 2016 and 31st of September 2017.

For the dressage discipline, both Rubi AR and Hostil GUB are amongst the TOP 50 of the worldwide stallion ranking for 2017. Coroado AR and Beirão AR, both competing at Grand Prix level, contributed for Rubi AR achieving the 41st place in the ranking and Ahoto, Ali-Baba and Xenofonte d’Atela contributed for Hostil to be placed 50th in the ranking.

You can see the list of best Dressage Stallions and their progeny HERE.


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Team Rubi is constituted by four dressage binomials of Dressage riders & Lusitano horses working to compete at international level competitions.

Some of our horses are not only top dressage athletes – they are also recommended stallions with semen available.

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