New competition season starts

Bariloche JGR · March 12,2018

CDI 3* Toledo, Spain - 9-11 March 2018

In the beggining of the competition season at 2018 CDI 3* Toledo, only their second year in the Big Tour, Bariloche JGR & Vasco Mira Godinho, with the precious help of their trainer Paulo Caetano, did an excellent start: 4th in the GP with 68,652% and 3rd in the GPS with 69,766%.


Also, our merit stallion Rubi keeps proving his excellent quality as a sire with more progeny close to Big Tour. The 8 years old Fenix de Tineo (Rubi AR X Aolga by Oheide) shined in the Medium Tour with his rider Maria Caetano Couceiro, winning the Inter A with 70,824% and achieved a second place in the Inter B. Like father, like son, this young recommended stallion will soon have a bright future in the Big Tour.


Photos: Rui Pedro Godinho 


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Team Rubi is constituted by four dressage binomials of Dressage riders & Lusitano horses working to compete at international level competitions.

Some of our horses are not only top dressage athletes – they are also recommended stallions with semen available.

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