Many Rubi's progenies competing at CDI/CDE Alter

Rubi AR · April 22,2018

Six Rubi's progenies and Csar JGR competed at Alter do Chão

We were very happy to see so much of our Rubi AR’s progeny competing in the CDI 3* at Alter do Chão.

Maria Caetano Couceiro & Fenix de Tineo (Rubi AR X Oheide AR) managed 2 victories in Medium tour, one of them with a +70% score. Two victories were also what Vasco Mira Godinho achieved with Imperador dos Cedros (Rubi AR X Hostil JGB) in FEI 5 year-old horses, scoring above 77%. Vasco also managed a beautiful 2nd place in the Saint George level with the young Giraldo MVL (Rubi AR X Xaquiro CI).

We are also very proud of the excellent scores managed by Yoann Renaud Pinto in his first competition with Douro AR (Rubi AR X Gabiru AR), for the FEI Young Riders tests, and the consistent participation of Duarte Nogueira with Beirão AR (Rubi AR X Joca AR), in the Big tour level.

Rubi AR's «double» grand-son Jockey AR (Coronel AR (by Rubi AR) X Berinjela AR (by Rubi AR)), ridden by Roberto Jesus, scored a stunning 82,8% in the FEI 4 years old tests.

Our Csar JGR, ridden by Pedro Torres, achieved a 6th place in the Grand Prix Special.

Congratulations to all! 

Photos: Rui Pedro Godinho


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