Happy 20th Birthday to Rubi

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Rubi AR · February 23,2018

A B-Day letter to Rubi AR

How time is flying... It seems to be yesterday when we were following with great admiration your evolution in dressage competitions with your rider Gonçalo Carvalho, and the wonderful results you managed which drove you, to the Olympic Games, proudly and brilliantly representing the flag of your country, Portugal, and to a 19th rank in the FEI World Dressage ranking....and , soon, today, you are already 20 years old.

After the life of athlete, arrived the time of a happy and well-deserved retirement, and for me, the privilege to enjoy the wonderful feeling to ride a perfectly trained Grand Prix horse...and a gentleman. “A Ferrari with a golden heart”, as I usually say ... Because you are an athlete, a powerful and fine stallion, full of swing, strength and energy, but you have always been very kind with me. It is your generosity.

Someone in the stables, one day, noticed that, when I am there, you are always looking at me, following what I do with concern and curiosity. The fact is, that we already shared a lot of things together, as playing and jumping trunks in the woods or riding sidesaddle, partying late in the night of the magical Golegã Horse Fair... you have always taken care of me.

I have a lot of horses in my heart, but when you look at me from the bottom of your boxe, with your distant, noble and serene glance, I confess that I forget, for one moment, all the other things in life. I am privileged to be your friend, as your former rider was, and as are, all the people who help to take care of you in your present life, like Ritinha who would make anything for the comfort of her “Bubu”.

Yes, you had the luck to meet always good persons to take care of you, but the truth is that you also always managed to touch the heart of each person that met you, with you perfect attitude and temperament.

I have huge respect and admiration for you, as a gifted athlete and you surprised us , adding one more talent as a Sire. Thanks to your quality as a sire, the posterity is secured, and your talented progeny already follows your path. We are so proud, for you, to see your wonderful son, the young Grand Prix horse, Coroado AR already ranked as the best lusitano horse of the FEI World Dressage Ranking, as you were in the past. What an achievement! A lot of human beings would dream to have such a successful life! But most of all, day after day, you became a member of our family.

For all these reasons and more, it is a pleasure and a privilege to wish you today a Happy 20th Birthday, my friend Rubi!
Muitos Parabéns, meu querido Rubi!
Oxalá continuemos assim durante muitos anos!

Letter for Rubi from
Christine, with Marc, Tristan & Victor



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